Warranty Info

-Warranty periods vary depending on which style you order and details are listed with transmission descriptions here on our website. This will also be included with the invoice when transmissions ship.

-Warranty is non-transferable and will only apply to the original purchaser of the transmission.

-This warranty covers our quality and workmanship of the transmission itself. Broken internal transmission hard parts from abuse are not covered under warranty in any way. Differential damage from doing burnouts or excessive one-wheel spinning is not covered under warranty.

-Installation labor is not covered under warranty unless we originally installed your rebuilt transmission and it is brought back to us for repair.  

-If the transmission is opened up for ANY kind of repair or modification without our approval any remaining warranty will instantly be void!

-In the event there is a problem after installation please contact us immediately!!! We do NOT cover repair labor for someone else to work on our transmissions unless we have been notified and ok the repair and cost of labor- We will not in any way pay for a repair bill from another service center that has not been discussed, cost approved, and OK’d by us first!!! We make our best effort to address anything as soon as possible in the rare event there is a problem and respect the same to be done with us in return.

-For vehicles using the factory transmission cooler that is integral with the radiator it MUST be flushed if used or will void warranty!  We strongly suggest any radiator with over 100K miles or heavily contaminated to be replaced with a new one.  We do not cover any transmission damage under warranty that was caused from a failing transmission cooler or radiator.

-If an external transmission cooler was installed with the newly rebuilt transmission then care must be taken to inspect all hoses, lines, hose clamps, fittings to make sure there are no leaks!

-PLEASE inspect for any leaks from your transmission and if any found please contact us!  Transmission leaks that have caused damage will not be covered under warranty if we were not notified of the condition!

Our warranty will not cover damage and/or broken parts from manual shifting!
Put the shifter in Drive range and go- if your full throttle shift points are not where you want them then have your pcm/tcm reprogrammed.
(Excludes Tapshift, Geartronic, Tiptronic models with electronic manual shift mode)

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