Volvo Transmissions

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-The pricing below is for the cost of the transmission ONLY! Installation, core fee, and shipping are additional.
- Every Transmission is built to order. We do not stock rebuilt transmissions as there are too many variations from
model to model and year to year to cover everything and keep caught up with our constant incoming workload.
- For Core Fee information please click on the tab in the Transmissions section. The costs for certain damaged
parts also apply to transmissions that are brought to us for a rebuild so please review this before ordering!

4T65EV/GT Volvo model - $2,595.00

Volvo used this model transmission in a few select models including the S80 and the XC90 during the model years of 1999-2005. This version of the 4T65E is NOT compatible with any GM vehicle as visable in the above pictures and has a number of differences. Due to the low production numbers of these transmissions compared to the GM version the core availability is very limited and because of this we require you to send us your existing transmission to rebuild. There is a great deal of attention and time that goes into each and every rebuild and there are also a few common failure areas, especially in the 99-02 models, and these are addressed and upgraded during the rebuild. Below is a list of items that are replaced and are included as an upgrade in every 4T65EV/GT Volvo version rebuild. For High Performance applications for upgraded T6 models please look at our 4T65E High Performance rebuild for details.

-Thorough inspection during dissassembly
-Any questionable or excessively worn hardpart is replaced
-Hardened 4th clutch shaft
-Seals, gaskets, orings, and teflon sealing rings
-New USA made filter
-All new Borg Warner clutch plates and modified clutch stackup for improved shift feel
-New Forward apply band
-New thrust washers
-Common failure bushings replaced, others inspected and replaced as needed
-New stator support bearing
-Select bearings replaced standard, others inspected and replaced as needed
-New aftermarket input sun gear
-Reconditioned input clutch piston
-New Morse HyVo HV-093 Gemini chain set
-Sonnax Improved Design Forward Servo Apply Pin

-All new solenoids in valve body including
-Borg Warner PCS for 97-02, OE Volvo/Bosch for 03+ model years
-Borg Warner TCC PWM solenoid
-OE AC Delco shift solenoids

-Pressure switch manifold cleaned and tested, replaced as needed
-Wiring harness thoroughly tested and replaced as needed
-Transgo shift kit- this is NOT a performance kit but greatly improves shift feel,
includes a few upgraded internal seals and vastly improved accumulator spring set

-Sonnax Sure-Cure kit which includes these upgraded parts
-TCC apply valve
-TCC regulated apply valve
-TCC relief valve
-Improved boost valve and sleeve
-AFL valve and sleeve
-Lube tube retainer, improved check balls, pump slide pivot pin

-Reman torque converter matched to your vehicle
-18 Month / 24K mile warranty*

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