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11-04-16:  We have relocated! The move has been a lot of work but are finally close to being back to normal and apologize for any delays along the past several weeks! Please see the Contact page for our new address.

 Happy New Year!!!  Its been a while since we have updated here- and the main reason is most of our updates have gone on our Online Store and our Facebook page so please keep an eye on both of those areas for product updats and news!  

Our newest batch of 300M input shafts is readily available!

Please check for updated pricing on our transmission rebuilds as we have a few changes.

Thanks to all of our customers for your continued support!!!

08-13-14:  Its official - 10 years ago Triple Edge Performance put its mark on the map!

Time sure Flies!  While we have been well known over the years for our expertise in the 4T65E arena- it is time to reintroduce ourselves as Specialists in the overall Heavy Duty and High Performance market. 

A lot has changed since the 90s and we are pushing forward full throttle! Whether its an old TH350/400, severe tow duty 4L80Es, 47REs, 4R100s, or Ford 5 speed autos for supercharged Mustangs - We are here to help!

  We will be closed Saturday March 29th through Thursday April 3rd.  We will re-open on Friday April 4th.  Any orders placed during this time will not ship until Friday April 4th at the earliest.

01-05-14: Happy New Year!!!

I would like to thank all of our supporting customers for our busiest year yet in 2013! All of your business and support for our company and product is very much appreciated. 

Our 10 year anniversary is coming up this summer!

For 2014 in addition to our transmission rebuild line we will also be spending more time on engine rebuilds, fabrication, and custom swaps mainly for RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) applications so keep your eyes open in the coming months for some new projects we are helping customers with!  We are currently working on a few rwd 3800 S2 headers ideas and should have the first set or two for mock-up ready in the next month or two.

07-22-13: We will be closed the week of August 5th-9th and reopen on Monday - August 12th.
We will be monitoring emails daily with limited access.  Any orders placed during this week will not ship out until the following week.

  A few new items will be available soon! 

We will be offering our own line of 300M input shafts and should have these by mid-July time frame and will be updated on our Facebook page and on our Online Store when ready.

A long-time project in developement is finally close to being available.  We have been working for almost 2 years on determining the cause of chain failures on higher powered cars and did a lot of testing to prove theories and ideas to see what is going on.  This led us to some new ideas on how to address the issue and now we have finallized parts and have several transmissions in motion for final testing of a strength upgrade.  One of the vehicles for this is our own 97 Grand Prix that makes about 500whp and it will be getting a weak-legged 3.29 ratio 7/8" single chain set, well known to fail on much more than 400whp builds.  We should have this car ready in the next month for further testing and updates will be made at that time. 
Note- This item will not be for sale individually and will only be available as part of a rebuild.  There is a lot of time involved with fitment and special machining that has to be done, it is by no means a simple bolt-in part.

Another new item to hit the streets- The Sonnax oversized billet aluminum 3rd apply piston and retainer kit.  This may not be a new item to a few select individuals out there that got to have a prototype part a year ago to play with, but they are now available from suppliers.  We are NOT going to be selling these until we have a chance to spend more time with them on both our own and local cars for testing.  Accumulator setup, clutch feed sizing, and more importantly- how tunes effect shift feel. 

We have been using our 12 friction setup in a few different variations for the past 5 years and have worked very well for us.  Sonnax has came out with a few valve body valve upgrades which we use in our higher HP builds which produce much needed higher line pressure for these applications. Our only reason to consider the oversized piston is the fact it is an easy to install part.  We have custom 4140 backing plates made for our 12 friction sets and have the frictions modified, both are things that take time and cost about the same as the oversized pistons.  If we can achieve the same outcome with the piston and sort out trans setup to match then we will likely switch to this.

03-31-13: We will be closed Wednesday 4-03-13 through Friday 4-05-13. Normal business hours will continue on Monday 4-08-13.  All new orders placed on our Online Store that are placed On or After Tuesday 4-02-13 will not ship until Monday 4-08-13.

03-31-13: Precision Reman torque converters added to our online store.

Holiday Season Schedule-

We will be closed the following days for the Christmas and New Years holidays-

Monday Dec 24th Christmas Eve
Tuesday Dec 25th Christmas Day

Monday Dec 31st New Years Eve
Tuesday Jan 1st New Years Day

  We are proud to announce a new affordable line of transmission rebuilds!  This Back to Basix series of budget priced rebuilds will be a new product line titled "Basix" rebuilds and the rebuild process for this offering goes back to where we are rooted from and what built up our outstanding reputation for a top quality product.  We have always taken great pride in our transmission rebuilds and have always wanted to offer the best of the best for the 4T65E transmission community, but unfortunately this comes at a cost. While most of the vehicles that the 4T65E transmission came are aging, we understand that times can be tough and a transmission failure is never something anyone plans to happen- and normally not at  convenient time.  Our Back to Basix series of rebuilds takes a step back and allows us to offer rebuilds at a lessor cost while still offering a great product.  Best of all- no core charge!  Thats right- the cost of the transmission is the total cost.  No core charge so that means no hassle of returning your old transmission and excessive freight shipping costs.  This series of rebuilds applies to GM V6 models only. Please check out the Back to Basix page in the Transmissions section for more info!

  More 3800 Series 2 RWD swaps and parts coming soon!  While our long time heritage with these engines has been mainly in FWD vehicles we have also spent several years working with them for RWD applications and custom engine swaps and conversions into other vehicles.  One of our more recent projects was adding an M90 supercharger to a 3800 S2 powered 1999 Pontiac Firebird and we have had several requests for the custom modified supercharger housing and throttle body inlet tube so we will be working more on these products to be available in the near future.  For non-3800 S2 powered RWD vehicles we are working on new custom engine mounts.  We have also been custom tuning GM EFI vehicles for 10+ years, and 3800 S2 vehicles since 2004.  While this is not a service we normally advertise it is something mandatory for any custom swap and we have been working on this quite a bit lately to finally come up with a solution for a Supercharged 3800 S2 L67 engine with a 4L60E RWD automatic transmission.  More news to come on this soon!  For more information please contact us.

10-11-12:  Volvo 4T65EV/GT Transmission cores now available for most applications!  This has been a long time hurdle for Volvo vehicles as core availability is very limited and expensive.  We have added a few cores to our stock to keep in circulation and will continue to add more as we can. Thank you to everyone who has been patient on wait times for these rebuilds!

10-11-12:  Revised custom order and transmission order info pages.  We have added an easy to use Order Form that allows you to fill out the fields and requested parts/transmission for placing an order. Once filled out and submitted we verify your request and automatically send an invoice.  We hope this helps the ordering process for the items not listed on our Online Store.

3-12-12: Our new Online Store is officially up and running! At this time we have most of our 4T65E parts store finished and has most all popular parts covered that were present on our old parts pages on our website.  If there are parts you would like to order and do not see them in our store please let us know!  A few items that have options and core fees, such as torque converters and valve bodies, will temporarily be invoiced seperately as we require all of the correct info to order and we do not currently have a core option in our online store.
We will be adding several more parts for other transmission models in the future.

A great new addition to our website is in the works!  We are building an online store to sell a full line of automatic transmission rebuild parts.  This webstore will start off with 4T65E parts but is already configured with several other models including popular GM RWD models.  As always- if anything is in question we prefer being contacted before placing an order so we can make sure you get what you need.  Just as we offer for our 4T65E customers we will also offer tech support with the other models which is not something you often find from any retailer.  Stay tuned for more updates and the launch of our online store!

1-01-12:  Precision Industries price increase on torque converters.  Our price is now $799.95 for billet cover torque converters for single disk lockup applications for both FWD and RWD.
7-25-11:  Effective this date forward we are no longer supplying cores for the 5.3 V8 LS4 engine powered vehicles.  These transmissions are difficult to locate and over the last year we have simply been stuck in bad situations because of this.  An honest 2 out of 3 that we get back as a core or purchase are damaged and unusable.  Roughtly half of these transmissions that we get are already GM remanufactured units that often do not have the correct original V8 specific parts inside and they are not only difficult to locate but also expensive.  We have bought several supposed "good used" at a cost higher than our core fee and been burned countless times and has really put us behind on rebuild time and is something we cannot afford to continue doing as there is too much unneeded frustration both on our part and for our customers.  We sincerely appologize for the long wait times for those of you who have waited that had us source a core for and rebuild.  We will certainly continue to rebuild these transmissions but only on a basis if you ship in your original transmission, locate a core yourself and have it shipped to us or for us to pick up with our freight carriers, or drop off your vehicle for installation so we can rebuild your original transmission and also reinstall it.  We appologize for this inconvinience but we have to draw the line as it has been an uphill battle for these models.

5-02-11:  For several years we have had numorous requests to offer AN style fittings that work with the 4T65E transmission case so the factory lines can be replaced with something of higher quality and greater versatility. There are three basic combinations of cooler line fittings from 1997 to present and each type requires a specific thread type to properly work.  After a bit of trial and error testing we came up with what will work for all of these applications. Most of these parts are not custom made and they are readily available at most performance shops but a few years do require a custom combination of fittings to properly connect to AN type fittings and hose.  If you are interested in using AN type fittings in your transmission case to connect to AN hose please contact us.  We will be stocking the fittings and correct adapters for the transmission case that will cover all years.

3-18-11:  Raybestos announced on 3-14-11 that the Zpack 3rd clutch kit for the 4T60/65E is discontinued and will no longer be made.  This is very sad news to hear as we have really started to take a liking to this clutch pack in our higher HP performance transmission rebuilds due to its great ability to handle slippage and abuse should a problem occur.  We have a decent amount of these kits in stock but once they are gone- they are gone.  Pricing has gone up on this product effective immediately. 

3-01-11:  Pricing on all of our 4T65E transmission rebuilds will be increasing slightly.  As mentioned above several items have gone up in cost, mainly in the last year and our prices are increasing respecitively.  Our High Performance models will have a few more revisions and upgrades over previous rebuilds and this will be noted in the details on the Transmissions page when this takes effect.

2-12-11:  Price change on Precision Industries torque converters.  Several parts recently have gone up in price to us and Precision Industries has long carried the same cost on their great converters for a number of years but due to rising costs they have raised their cost across the board on all of their products and our updated pricing reflects this.

1-15-11:  Coming Soon! Added pages and info for custom 3800 Series 2 engine swaps.  We have been doing custom engine swaps for a number of years and been putting 3800 Series 2 engines, mainly supercharged, into vehicles that did not come with from the factory.  Our most recent swap was to perform a supercharged top end conversion on a 4th gen F-body that came with a 3800 Series 2 engine and we finally tackled the job on 1999 Firebird and is now complete.  This project has been several months in the works due to time constraints but is road ready for final tuning.  We havent advertised this type of work for the past few years as we didnt have the room to perform the work but since we are in a new location we will again do custom work like this.  For more info or any interest in this type of work feel free to contact us.

1-09-11:   Exclusive "Complete Kit" full rebuild kits added to our parts lineup!  We wanted to offer a solution for anyone looking to rebuild their own transmission or even to shops who need parts for a rebuild and want the important bases covered all in one kit.

1-09-11:   Price revisions on select transmission parts for 2011

11-22-10:   Malware attack concerns on our website!!!
Google has flagged a few old pages from our OLD website of suspicious malware and notes the website potentially harmful.  This is NOT true for this website.  For whatever reason a few old pages from our previous website were not perminently deleted and left a door open for potential garbage like this to happen.  Thanks to a few customers and viewers this was brought to our attention and has been taken care of.  The old pages should no longer exist and should be dead links in the event anyone tries to click on them.  This site has a Site Scanner that monitors for such content and is safe.  Google has been notified of this and should be removing the warnings so please do not be alarmed by their messages as they do not apply to our current website!  You will find a Site Scanner logo right on top of our homepage that monitors activity daily.

9-15-10:   PLEASE read our Contact page for updated information!  We have been extremely busy this past year and have moved into our new location which has taken a lot of time and still in the works getting everything set up to work more efficiently  Because of this and an already busy workload we simply dont have the time for repetitive phone calls for tech support.  Email is currently the best way to contact us regarding tech support.  Our phone hours are strictly 10AM-6PM EST.  If we dont answer please leave us a message, our phone time is very limited.  If it is urgent and you cant get ahold of us by phone PLEASE send us an email, again this is the best way to contact us!!!  


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